Criminal Justice

Getting Ahead is used by court systems, in correctional institutions, and in re-entry programs to help offenders build resources, stabilize their lives, and plan a future story that may include such positive outcomes as education, employment, and community leadership.

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Baton Rouge, LA:

  • First Getting Ahead graduates at the Dixon Correctional Institute. Getting Ahead is offered by Refined by Fire Ministries, a nonprofit organization.  See photo here.
  • Letters from Getting Ahead investigators at Dixon Correctional Institute. 

Columbiana County, OH:

Marion, OH:

  • The first nine inmates to graduate from Getting Ahead at Marion Correctional Institution comment on the Getting Ahead experience.  The inmates come from Marion and will be supported upon their release by Marion Matters, the Bridges Out of Poverty initiative in that community.

Stillwater, OK: 

  • Expungements clear records of first time offenders in Oklahoma. Quinn Schipper, executive director of Stillwater CARES, sent this article about the state’s expungement bill and describes how it fit into Getting Ahead workshop investigations:
    • “Local House Rep. Cory Williams has worked 2 years on this Expungement Bill (with 4 prior years of introducing bills to finally get to this achievement). This, and a couple of other news items, was very timely to share during Module 4b. I had lunch this week with Williams, as he is interested in the Bridges Campaign and the local Getting Ahead pilot class. Our conversation concluded with him offering that he would welcome ideas for policy change that should be considered to help people in poverty get ahead. Last evening was Session 8, Module 6b. I shared that offer with the group, and they were motivated to think that ideas that come from their very real, concrete lives could actually be considered (one made an immediate suggestion!) … even though the l-e-n-g-t-h of time to get a bill passed is so abstract. To make a tangible connection, I passed a Thank You card around and any who wanted to could send a note of appreciation to Rep Williams for working on their behalf. This, in itself, could be a good bridge-builder!”

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