Program Sponsors

Getting Ahead is offered in a variety of sites and by a variety of sponsors, both nonprofit and for-profit: K-12 schools, foster care programs for youth, the criminal justice system, businesses, and healthcare, as well as a wide range of community organizations.

To learn how various sponsors are implementing and using Getting Ahead, click on the links below:

Getting Ahead can help these sites and sponsors achieve their goals, whether it is helping young people transition from foster care to self-sufficiency, improving the company’s bottom line, or reducing recidivism. However, no matter who sponsors Getting Ahead, it is important to respect the integrity of the curriculum. This means sponsors must resist the impulse to impose their own goals and values.

As an agenda-free learning experience, Getting Ahead graduates determine their own future story. This future story may include physical well-being, financial literacy, work readiness, education, jobs, and so on, but the decision as to which resources to build is the graduate’s. For more on agenda-free sponsorship, see the Facilitator Notes for Getting Ahead in a Just-Gettin’-By World.

Sponsors are responsible for a host of details – venue, facilitators, meals or other refreshments, materials, funding, and so on. They may decide to handle all these details themselves, or they may turn to outside individuals or organizations to assist.

Sponsors also are responsible for making sure there is ongoing support for graduates as they build their resources and work to achieve their goals.

For more information on starting a Getting Ahead workshop, click on Launching Getting Ahead.

Questions about how you can sponsor a Getting Ahead workshop? Call us at (800) 424-9484, or request information online.