Ongoing Support

Significant changes do not happen overnight. That’s why aha! Process offers our clients ongoing support to help you create embedded change and lasting success.

Strategic Consulting: Our experienced national consultants come to your location to help you jumpstart your Bridges initiative, strategize your comprehensive approach to reducing poverty, or  support implementation to make sure it sticks. Whatever your needs, we can tailor a program to address them and adapt it to your timeframe.

Community of Practice: We have a robust community of practice centered around Bridges participants. Join us for complimentary teleseminars and teleconferences where you’ll hear from practitioners about their experiences using Bridges Out of Poverty—and have an opportunity to share your best practices! To join the Bridges Community of Practice, email

Next steps: What do you do after you have your first day of Bridges Out of Poverty training? Check out our helpful chart of next steps on the individual, institutional, and community levels.

Plan Coordination and Data Collection: MPOWR is a web-based plan-management program developed by Community Collaboration and Integration (CCI) and Bridges Out of Poverty. This program allows all community-based organizations to work together on coordinated, common plans to provide needed services that address individual, family, and community needs. The program facilitates gathering of intakes, making assessments, and tracking outcomes for the participants who are receiving services in their community’s human-service delivery system. The special Bridges Out of Poverty Edition combines the power of CCI’s 15 areas of life with Bridges’ 11 resources in the Getting Ahead program. Progress is monitored on the 11 resources as the changes made by individuals, institutions, and the community are recorded and periodically evaluated. For more information:

Other Support: We strive to provide continual support through our free monthly newsletter, Facebook page, and Pinterest page. Helpful articles, products, and information are provided regularly.

For more information, or to book ongoing support, please contact us, or call us at (800) 424-9484.