Tyson Thompson

Who is Tyson? 

Tyson D. Thompson is an entrepreneur, educator, businessman, public speaker, husband, and father who has used his platform to serve and enrich his community for more than twenty years.  Tyson motivates people of all ages to dream big and achieve their highest aspirations for personal success.



Tyson’s Credentials


  • Memorial  High School
  • Master Barber Instructor License
  • Love Center Accredited School of Ministry

Media Features and Awards

  • Frequent guest on regional Oklahoma television program to discuss SPORTS CODE curriculum
  • Featured on Channel 6 News for outstanding community service to local elementary students
  • Charity Volunteer, Youth at Heart
  • Home town hero award from Modern Woodman of America
  • Tulsa Public Schools, Volunteer Award
  • Leader of the Year: Praise Center Family Church

Work History

  • Instructor/Tulsa Tech
  • Realtor/Keller Williams-Midtown,
  • Salon owner/manager/stylist at Tyson Salons
  • Barber stylist at Panache Stylist & Salon
  • Barber/Motivational Coach at Lloyd E. Rader Center
  • Barber/Skyline Style shop
  • Personal Development Seminar/Tyson Education

Volunteer Experience 

  • Director of Children/teacher, Praise Center Family Church
  • Director of Youth/teacher, Love Center Church


  • Trains students through the Oklahoma Barber Apprentice Program (a work-study program that licenses students to perform the art and science of barber styling)
  • Manages a staff of 12 employees in a professional service environment
  • Conducts training seminars to assist businesses with professional and career development
  • Provides on-going consultation to local businesses
  • Supplies strategic assessments along with system and performance evaluations
  • Coordinates and facilitates staff committee meetings to establish effective marketing strategies


  • SPORTS CODE curriculum—an acronym for Special People On Route to Success, Counting on Directed Energy. I created this curriculum — designed to help students improve self-image, social interactions, and academic skills — then developed it into a program utilizing group sessions, motivational business seminars, hair-cutting courses, and one-on-one coaching sessions. It became an effective vehicle to teach life-skills and offer inspirational support to troubled juvenile offenders between the ages of 13-19.

Tyson’s Aha! Moment 

“My mentor recommended that I look at a book titled “A Framework for Understanding Poverty, by Dr. Ruby Payne. He thought my curriculum mirrored her research. After reading Dr. Payne’s book, I recognized that our work concerning the strategies necessary to dismantle the mindset and mobilize people beyond their entrenched patterns was very similar. My immediate response was, Aha! I’m on to something! Later that year, while working as an instructor at Tulsa Tech, I was honored by the request to attend a Framework Workshop to become trained to lead a Framework-based class. At the workshop, the facilitator indicated that she was impressed by my comments throughout the session. When I expressed my interest in becoming a facilitator for aha!, she told me the interest was mutual. She instructed me to contact the head office to discuss my possible future with the company. The rest is history.”

Tyson’s Passions

My ongoing passions are: To aid people in fulfilling their personal aspirations, to help them identify and maximize their potential, and to inspire them to bring relevant value to humanity by the way they conduct their lives.

Tyson’s Best Training

My best training came from being in the service industry for 25 years as a barber. The daily hands-on experience of developing a prominent business — with a clientele base of more than 200 guests from multiple ethnic groups and different cultures, genders, and generations — has significantly shaped both my philosophy behind what I do, as well as my approach in how I do it.

What does Tyson do for fun?

For fun, I love to play basketball, chess, and watch football. Most of all, I enjoying cooking and serving my family and friends.

What are people saying about Tyson?

“Tyson Thompson is a consummate educator and business professional whose irresistible passion inspires everyone around him to challenge their own self-imposed limits and reach for goals they once thought were impossible.”

“I’ve observed Tyson’s exceptional skill set in action for years.  No matter what he’s doing or talking about, he’s always focused, enthusiastic, and clear about the  best way to proceed with whatever he’s got going on. His words create an atmosphere that actually shrinks fear and expands confidence! And he reproduces that kind of diligence, determination, and drive in the ones he mentors. Tyson’s got the respect and trust of kids and adults alike because they know he isn’t just interested in building his business—Tyson Thompson cares about building people.”

“Tyson is the total package! The guy’s an excellent communicator with amazing business savvy. And he’s so down-to-earth. It’s impressive that he started out when he was only 15, but that may explain why he’s so relatable and easy-to-understand. When he talks about how you need to think and what you have to do to build your way from one level to the next, you already know he’s been there and done that.”

“When you walk out of Tyson’s Salon, you don’t just look good you feel good about yourself. The conversation always has a few laughs and leaves you with some food for thought.”