I was the executive director of a faith-based nonprofit. Using the Getting Ahead in a Just-Gettin’-By-World curriculum, we helped single moms stabilize their lives through exploring economic class and then ESL, GED, college, and starting a business. The lyrics and chorus of this song are testimonies from the Getting Ahead graduates we worked with.

Proceeds from the sale of this song will sponsor a Getting Ahead graduate’s airfare and lodging at the Addressing the Challenges of Poverty conference in Atlanta, Georgia, September 23–26, 2018. You can purchase the song or album via Bandcamp and check out my website at TheHeartofBrian.com.

Apply for a scholarship to attend Addressing the Challenges of Poverty.


I was lost and all alone

The Lord’s been my stepping stone

I’m not homeless anymore

God opened a door



I want to thank you God

I’ve got faith in lasting change

I want to thank you God

I’ve got faith in lasting change


My life was at a dead end

Now my life is on the mend

You did not judge me

God you’ve set me free



Thanks to the Lord above

For His grace and precious love

Thank you God for all you do

My world has changed because of you




Getting Ahead is such an agent of change. It inspired my life and work, and my music. It is my goal that you find hope from this song and Getting Ahead.