Ruby Payne and her pioneering social enterprise, aha! Process, were featured yesterday in an article published by Forbes. Stephanie Burns, the Forbes contributor who profiles Ruby, is herself an entrepreneur. She founded, an online resource for more than 100,000 female entrepreneurs. Her piece on Ruby highlights three things that have made aha! Process a successful, female-led social enterprise:

  • Lay the framework for disruption
  • Optimize for impact
  • Reduce the feedback cycle

From the article:

Education—especially in the United States—is primarily tackled as an issue of the public sector. Governments, both at the local and federal level, are typically very involved in preparing students for the real world. But this level of involvement generally poses challenges—challenges that are difficult to solve in the private sector. And of course, these problems aren’t limited to the education space.

In those cases, the social entrepreneurship model is a happy medium between the public sector and private-sector for-profit corporations. Few know this better than Dr. Ruby Payne, the founder of aha! Process, who has developed an educational framework aimed at better understanding poverty. Since launching, her framework has made its way into practically every school district in the United States.

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