Welcome to the video series “Rich Instruction: Informational Text Strategies.” One of the things that’s happening with the state standards and state assessments, whether they use Common Core or a different set, is that the testing is getting more intense because they’re asking students to go to levels of analysis of informational texts that we’ve never asked them to go to. And many educators are uncomfortable with this. So this series is a set of tools you can use with students that actually work in middle and high school.

The first thing that needs to be understood is that you’re being assessed on both informative texts and literary texts. About 70% of assessments are informative texts, so we are going to spend time there. The other item that needs to be mentioned is simply this: As students get into more sophisticated texts, there are actually a combination of literary and informational because they often embed stories and other kinds of literary devices in order to enhance the experience for the reader.

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