Phil DeVol and Ruby Payne

Here is the June 30, 2017 Getting Ahead/CharityTracker report on national results since September 11, 2013. The number of Getting Ahead graduates in this study has increased to 281 thanks to the hard work of the sites collecting data. The “baseline to most recent assessment” comparison data are interesting: There are 140 graduates showing a 20% increase in most of their personal resources, almost a 10% jump from December in that resource alone. You’ll see similar growth in the other personal resources.

For our stability scale there are 137 grads—the time horizon of planning shows an increase of 24% with good growth in the other areas too.

56% of graduates increased their monthly income, and 52% decreased their total debt (32 graduates reporting here).

We are also very proud of how closely reporting sites adhered to the model. The 86% model fidelity average means that Getting Ahead investigators across the country are presented with the same opportunities for self-directed discovery and growth.

These are early days for the reports, so we can expect some uneven results. At this time we are publishing the national data only, but in time it will be important to report on state data as well. Keeping up with data entry will enhance the quality of the information, so we strongly encourage sites to enter up-to-date data.

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