First responders need to control the scene and keep everyone safe. To do that they need the respect and cooperation of the people they serve. Without it, the job can seem impossible sometimes.

Tactical Communication is a set of tools to gain the cooperation and respect of people from all economic backgrounds, especially those from poverty.

Information from Bridges Out of Poverty is tailored to help first responders understand the driving forces in poverty, middle class, and wealth. A better understanding of class allows police officers to be more effective on each call and receive fewer complaints.


Participant takeaways:

  • Gather better information from people of all economic backgrounds
  • Increase ability to maintain control in any community
  • Reduce miscommunication and increase efficiency on calls

Based on the book Tactical Communication, this workshop explains the hidden rules of class and increases participants’ awareness of the differences in each class.

Duration: 2 hours 51 minutes