Do you have college students who miss class, seem unmotivated, and lack persistence? Is your college or university concerned about increasing student retention and graduation rates? Together, we will develop a Mental Model of Poverty to illustrate an underresourced student framework, define 11 resources needed for student success, and discuss simple interventions that you can take back to your campus and implement right away! You’ll also learn about Investigations into Economic Class in America—a curriculum impactful in raising retention, persistence, and graduation rates.

Learning objectives include:

  • Learn how to recognize the impact of economic class on educational success.
  • Engage students’ resources and experiences to improve semester-to-semester retention.
  • Use student insights to identify areas of improvement in programs, policies, and procedures across campus.

Donna Hurt

Program Director

TRIO Student Support Services, Graceland College

aha! Process National Consultant

—Lamoni, Iowa