You made it through all the challenges and changes demanded by this cataclysmic paradigm shift, but now there is an entirely new set of threats, fears, and unruly emotions to cope with. Are you feeling like “OMG! I survived COVID-19, just barely, and the pressures of stepping into the uncharted territory of a post COVID-19 world scares the #!A* out of me!”? This session will help you learn liberating skills for making friends with your emotions so you can strut in your magnificence wherever you show up.

Learning objectives include:

  • Create a personal reframe for the role of emotions in your life.
  • Develop a personal plan, a roadmap, and affirmations in the face of negativity; use the five “insteads” of Isaiah 61.
  • Learn to use your energy tool of choice for taking a powerful stance over negative circumstances.

Lucy Shaw

Author and Sweet Spot Coach

Radical Prosperity

—Huntingdon, Tennessee