Getting Ahead While Getting Out: A Prisoner Reentry Model to Reduce Recidivism Through Learning, Building Resources, Accountability, and Collaboration – User’s Guide


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A guide for facilitators, funders, sponsors, and corrections officials to make best use of the Getting Out classes and engage previously incarcerated persons, their families, volunteers, community organizations, and people in corrections as problems solvers who work shoulder to shoulder to create communities where everyone can live well!

For more information, see back cover. To further explore the topics of this book, consider a workshop.

“Our community partners are invaluable in our efforts to assist men and women as they reenter society. The Getting Ahead curriculum bears witness to our commitment to assist these men and women during their incarceration and upon their release. This education is vital in the development of self- awareness and growth, decision-making processes, and assessment of community resources.”

Pamela Shaw
Manager, The Registration Unit (Marion, OH) Correctional Institute

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