with Jessica Echols

Our education core is Getting Ahead. Whether it’s Getting Ahead in the Workplace or Getting Ahead in a Just-Gettin’-By World, that is our core education piece. What we noticed is that as people got through Getting Ahead, got to develop their language, and got their aha! moments, people were on fire to create change for themselves.

What we were seeing was that the community wasn’t necessarily ready to greet everyone with change, or their neighborhoods more importantly. So we developed a community that enhances our Getting Ahead model.

I’d like to do a plug for Bridges to Sustainable Communities because after reading this book, it helped me not only develop more language for how to create a sustainable community, but how to create or cultivate a sustainable community for our Getting Ahead grads. So what we did was …

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Sonia Holycross is the family development and education coordinator for Partners in Hope, a 25-year-old faith-based community services organization in Troy, Ohio. She engages clients in the areas of education and development with a focus on supporting families as they move from crisis-based living into a stable and secure lifestyle. A Getting Ahead graduate herself, Sonia contributed to the book Workplace Stability and to the latest edition of Getting Ahead.