I jokingly tell people that I began studying the topic of motivation about eight years ago, and I’m writing a book on the topic, and I will finish it as soon as I’m motivated!

Of course the reality is that as I began studying the topic of motivation, I thought I would find the key to unlocking our motivation. Motivation is one of the resources that Dr. Payne talks about in her work, and we all agree that individuals who succeed succeed because they have resources.

One of those very important resources is motivation. As an educator, for years I thought motivation is something that students should either have, or if not, they should develop it themselves. But actually, motivation is a resource that can be either enhanced or thwarted by one’s environment.

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Bethanie Tucker is author of Tucker Signing Strategies for Reading and coauthor of Understanding and Engaging Under-Resourced College Students, among other titles. She is an aha! Process national consultant training on the programs she created, plus A Framework for Understanding Poverty, Research-Based Strategies, and others.