Emilia O’Neill-Baker’s podcast “How Much of Yourself Do You Own?” is based on her book of the same title coauthored with Ruby Payne. In the podcast, O’Neill-Baker discusses exercises and outcomes from the book How Much of Yourself Do You Own? A Process for Building Your Emotional Resources.

Changing unhealthy habits, examining how we direct our energy, identifying lost pieces of ourselves, and reintegrating a whole self are among the many topics of the podcast. This is a great resource for both practitioners and clients, since professionals too sometimes fail to take care of themselves.

“When we are authentic, when we share ourselves and our strategies for building emotional resources, it helps others who are traveling the same path. While Bridges Out of Poverty and Getting Ahead work to help people find resources in the community, we must also work to find those resources within ourselves.”

Also available: One-day, onsite training based on How Much of Yourself Do You Own? in which participants experience the exercises and learn to facilitate them. Or buy the book in our online store.

Emilia O’Neill-Baker’s areas of expertise include strategic planning, change management, emotional intelligence, and leadership development. Dr. O’Neill-Baker also presents an on-site professional development workshop called How Much of Yourself Do You Own? A Practical Tool Kit to Build Emotional Resources.