Erik Orndorff and Tim Rogers

One of the interesting things about this is that we are essentially representatives of both the church and the state trying to figure out a way to work together for the common good in our community, and we hope that if that is of interest to you, this time we share can be a benefit to you as we tell a little bit of our story and what drives us.

This is about collaborative leadership and our efforts to work together in our community, engaging with aha! Process and Bridges Out of Poverty constructs, etc. to work here in the Pequea Valley community, a rural area in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. About an hour west of Philadelphia is where we are. If you’re familiar with “Amish Country,” then you have us nailed in terms of where we are, so it’s certainly a more rural area. And there is one primary school district working with a collection of churches of which I’m a representative. Here’s our story in collaborative leadership.

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Tim Rogers is lead pastor of Grace Point Church in Paradise, Pennsylvania, and Erik Orndorff is superintendent of Pequea Valley School District in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.