with Marlana Dokken

Our institutions tend to be focused on choice and future story, which actually are very much a part of the economic experience of the middle class. So we just basically say that our institutions are usually designed from a middle class lens and perspective. Well, when a critical mass of patients are coming from generational poverty, there may be a different way to approach this.

That’s what Bridges is about.

MPOWR is an interactive cloud-based tool that supports the real-time collaboration of common care plans. It’s also the tool that defines, measures, and ensures the success of the future stories mentioned above.

To cast a vision and so that no one gets lost, we’re going to be discussing what care plan case management as a community looks like vs. case management in silos.

Why are we reaching out to healthcare? Well, I think we can all agree that any life recovery plan relies on an individual being healthy, and that makes you as healthcare providers, even if only by default, the backbone of any community.

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Note: We apologize for the poor audio quality in the first half of this podcast. If you find it intolerable, please skip ahead to 28:45. The audio problems end when Dokken begins speaking about MPOWR.