As we’ve worked with communities and the health sector within those communities, we’ve had several health institutions use Bridges Out of Poverty to lower costs and improve quality of care, especially for people in populations at risk of poor health outcomes.

We saw immediately that there were ongoing, as well as emerging, challenges for the health sector, and that these challenges were forcing new thinking and innovation. Professionals like Kelli Valenti at Ellis Medical in Schenectady, New York, were saying that adding Bridges to new thinking and designs helped their teams see what they did every day in new ways.

Bridges is a lens you can add on to your current strategies to make them even more effective, as well as perhaps giving new insight and adding an economic class lens to cultural competency models. There is a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation survey of physicians that illustrates how Bridges Out of Poverty might make a difference. Four out of five physicians were saying not only do they want to write prescriptions for medical conditions but also for the social needs of their patients.

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