Pleasure In Learning: Rita Pierson Lets It Rip

Pleasure In Learning: Rita Pierson Lets It Rip

Super Site of the Week: Rita Pierson Lets It Rip (05/30/2013)

Dougherty describes how Rita Pierson’s TED Talk “followed her around” when she heard it on the radio, looked it up online, and received a link to it in her inbox the following day. The talk, she says, makes her “want to stand up and cheer. Or stand up and teach.” Dougherty goes on to cite Pierson more, even some of the citations Pierson made in her own speech: “Unless there is a connection between teacher, student and lesson, learning becomes tiresome to all involved. Veteran educator, James Comer, states that, ‘No significant learning occurs without a significant relationship.'” Read more…

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