Would you like to dine in a creative, organic café that pays a living wage, as well as bringing together its community to end hunger? Visit the One World Café in Salt Lake City. And should you want to start a similar cafe—anywhere in the world—you can do it through the One World Everybody Eats Foundation.

Denise Cerreta, owner of the One World Café, is amazing and dedicated. Her café and the foundation are dedicated to eliminating world hunger while serving fresh, organic, unprocessed food, feeding and including all community members, and trusting customers (guests) to be fair and honest.

I was invited by Lloyd Pendleton, a friend in Salt Lake, to join some people for dinner at the One World Café. I was eager to check out this unique, organic place to dine with friends. Lloyd told me in advance: No processed food, and you decide what you want to pay for your meal!

I said, “Let’s go!”

We walked into the One World Café and found a great number of dishes to choose from. The man helping me wore a bandana on his head and proudly explained every dish. The menu is changed daily. Lloyd told me that there were several dishes that were free every day for those who could not afford to eat. You can also work for your dinner if you choose. There are some volunteers in the kitchen, and the staff is paid a living wage. If food is left over at the end of the day, it is given away.

I chose every vegetarian dish they had (not every dish was vegetarian), and every one was unique and delicious. At the end of the line there is a box where you pay for your meal. You decide what your meal is worth. I was inspired.

I chose the soup. It was spicy and delicious. Owner Denise Cerreta, who had attended the Bridges Out of Poverty workshop I presented that day, told me that the chef liked to spice the soup up a bit. It was great! There were several small rooms with tables and chairs and interesting artwork on the walls. Every dining moment is built on health, trust, and community.

Denise has been focusing much of her time and energy on the process of developing the nonprofit One World Everybody Eats Foundation. You can learn more about their efforts towards community sustainability and make a donation at http://oneworldeverybodyeats.org/. The One World Café is located at 41 South, 300 East beside the Utah College of Massage Therapy, near downtown Salt Lake City.

Like the concept? Here’s an excerpt from the website that explains how it can work: “Late in 2005, Denise met Brad and Libby Birky of Denver, Colorado. Since 2003, this couple had also had an idea for a cafe that was community-based, and they were searching for an example of a similar concept in operation. They found One World Café and visited Salt Lake City. Denise told them that whenever they were ready to start working to make their café a reality, she would go to Denver to help them. In August/September 2006 they were on their way to opening their café, and Denise traveled to Denver and helped out for a month with other volunteers. In October 2006 Mr. and Mrs. Birky opened the SAME Café. SAME is an acronym for “So All May Eat.” Although the two establishments are not affiliated, they share a similar hope of serving their communities in unique and loving ways. Please visit their website at www.soallmayeat.com

I’ll be back in Salt Lake City this spring, and a trip to the One World Café is definitely on the agenda.