2019 was an amazing year for Omaha/Council Bluffs Bridges Out of Poverty due to all our partners, donors, staff members, and of course our amazing investigators (graduates of Getting Ahead in a Just-Gettin’-By World).

We are defeating poverty!

We have had 401 graduates in 2½ years! We will graduate another 400–600 next year, depending on the level of funding.

We have seven full-time staff and 40 certified facilitators.

There are more than 100 community partner organizations offering referrals and sharing resources.

We have seen an amazing 96% graduation rate!

  1. After 12 months, graduates increased monthly net income by $1,500+
  2. Graduates decreased debt-to-income ratio by more than 50%
  3. Each graduate made solid progress on a 15-factor stability scale
  4. Our measurements were reassessed at three-month intervals

In 2020, we will:

  1. Add a program for individuals before they reenter society from incarceration.
  2. Add Getting Ahead in the Workplace classes at employers’ locations toreduce absenteeism and turnover, improve productivity, and add success coaches on-site to help connect entry-level employees to resources.
  3. Begin to explore the impact of Getting Ahead on positive health status improvement.
  4. Continue to enhance facilitator development and resources, including a new online facilitators’ manual, a monthly facilitators’ chat café, and required weekly one-on-one facilitator meetings with the program director and/or coordinator.
  5. Add life skills coaching where we continue to follow up with all graduates to help them achieve their goals and connect them to resources. In 2019 we added our first bilingual life skills coach.

Thank you to all of those who have supported us in our mission. Together we are changing lives and inspiring futures!


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