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You are an incredible blessing to us!

Omaha Bridges Out of Poverty in Nebraska has some measurements! (Thanks to Carl!)

Success in our first year:

  1. Seventy nonprofits are partnering with us to defeat poverty.
  2. We have 12 certified Getting Ahead facilitators and will add more in September.
  3. Bridges Out of Poverty workshops are being presented every month for employers and community service organizations.
  4. Sixty-eight people have graduated so far (we hope to graduate 200 in 2018).
    • 88% graduation rate
    • 44% of our graduates have improved physical and mental health
    • Our graduates’ income increased an average of $804 per month
    • Graduates’ monthly bills decreased an average of $757 per month (especially via avoiding predators)
    • Positive change in all 15 areas of the stability scale (at three and six months after graduation)
    • 75% of our graduates improved in avoiding “destructive behaviors of others”
    • 44% of our graduates have improved social connections
    • Debt-to-income ratio decreased an average of 33%

Many thanks to all our community partners for their support, encouragement, referrals, and aftercare!

It takes the whole community to defeat poverty.

Together we are changing lives and inspiring futures.

Roger E. Howard is the volunteer president of Omaha Bridges Out of Poverty.


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