Information about Healthier Buckeye Councils

Ohio Passes Legislation Based in Part on Bridges Concepts

On June 30, 2015, Ohio passed House Bill 64 that will develop county-level Healthier Buckeye Councils (HBC) that have the potential of changing the way poverty is addressed in Ohio.

HB 64 is based in part on Bridges concepts, programs, and methodology. Several Bridges initiatives in Ohio sent members to testify before the Community and Family Advancement Committee and key legislators read Bridges to Sustainable Communities.

The biennial budget will provide $5M in 2016 and $6.5M in 2017 through the Healthier Buckeye Grant Pilot Program. This opens the door for Bridges collaboratives or Bridges organizations to start or expand a Bridges initiative.

Follow the developments at the Bridges – Healthier Buckeye Councils Facebook page (being developed now) and attend the Addressing the Challenges of Poverty Conference in Cincinnati on October 5-6 to hear Speaker Pro Tempore Ron Amstutz, Representative Timothy Derickson, and Gene Krebs describe the Healthier Buckeye Grant Pilot Program.

To learn how this came about, read Gene Krebs’ blog entry. To join the conversation, Tweet Phil DeVol @PhilDeVol.