liar tries on masksThe phone rang, and the voice on the other end announced himself as Jeremy…

“I have lied to everyone as long as I can remember. Even now in my drug rehab program, I have not always been truthful. As part of my recovery, I am writing my life story. Today my life changed.”

Jeremy began lying at a young age when his friends asked him: “Why can’t your mom walk in a straight line when she walks?” He answered that she sleepwalks. When he was beaten by his father for forgetting to say “yes, sir,” he told his teacher he fell down the stairs when he tripped on the rug. As a teen on weekends, he went to the Walmart parking lot, watched the people leaving the store, and picked his “mark” to panhandle. It made no difference who you were—family, friend, stranger, or the police—he could tell a lie to get the response he desired from you.

“As I sat and read what I had written in CatchMyStory, I said to myslef, ‘Jeremy, you lie to everyone. Now you are lying to yourself.’ I cried and asked myself, ‘How will I ever get better? Then I heard a voice say, ‘Stop lying and walk out of the storm.’

“With the help of my counselor and CatchMyStory, I am facing the truth for the first time in my life.”

This Staying Ahead tool helps in the continued healing process of an individual, builds resources and life skills, and is a perfect complement to Getting Ahead. Visit and hear what psychologists and others in the behavioral science field say about writing being a therapeutic tool. See the results and testimonials from the pilot project, and learn how CatchMyStory can be a fun and easy tool to enhance your Staying Ahead program with Getting Ahead graduates.

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