“Over and over again, as I talk to adults who have made it out of very difficult situations, it’s an educator who was the impetus for it. Teachers bring new ideas, hope, skills, and understandings.”

–Ruby Payne

Millions of school-age children in the U.S. are under-resourced and at risk of failure in school. Financial resources are important, but mental, emotional, relational, parental, and other key resources are vital to student success.

Under-Resourced Learners identifies resources all students need and delivers proven, practical strategies for building up these resources for every student in every school. Teachers and administrators will find a gold mine of best practices and interventions that will change their classrooms and change the minds and lives of their students.

You’ll discover new ways to:

  • Assess student resources to determine the best strategies and interventions
  • Build mental, language, relationship, and other resources into your teaching
  • Work more effectively with parents and community representatives
  • Increase support systems for all students and their families
  • Monitor every student’s progress and adjust efforts to increase student success

“This book strikes at the heart of what we did to create hope for students. Building mutual respect with students and parents is especially powerful and makes high expectations achievable.”

–David Burgess, ahaprocess.com Contributor, Title I Principal, Ret., Richmond, VA

“The tips on communicating with people from different economic levels are practical and helpful. Parents are allies when we reach out and show them respect.”

–Paul Robison, English Teacher, Austin, TX

This revised and updated edition includes a detailed study guide, activities for teacher training, an all-new Strategy 8, and more—right inside the book! Perfect for K–12 teachers, staff, administrators, and anyone interested in K–12 professional development.