Longview Conference Tackles Community Poverty

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Longview Conference Tackles Community Poverty (10/16/2013)

Ruby Payne gave a keynote speech along with two women who struggled to overcome poverty at this event sponsored by the Longview United Way, Partners in Prevention, East Texas Council of Governments, Workforce Solutions East Texas, and Region 7 Education Service Center. Over 350 people were on hand to hear strategies for dealing with generational poverty. Ruby Payne noted, “One of the reasons that it’s been so difficult to deal with poverty is because there are four different research bases on causation and they’ve been politicized,” she said. “If you’re on the political right, you think it’s these two, and if you’re on the political left, you think it’s these two. In reality, it’s all four.” All proceeds from the event will go towards future training on how to reduce poverty in the Longview community. Read more…

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