Good Evening, Ruby,

I asked my colleagues this afternoon “What stood out for you this morning?” Everyone had a different response! For one, it was your explanation of the connection between relationships and ability to express yourself in language – negotiation. For another, it was about role identity defining who you are, especially if you’re a man–so much common sense that you back up with statistics. Yet another responded that your extending the understanding of the Karpman Triangle to institutions and communities – it knocked her socks off! For another, it was about breaking the hidden rules as an “indicator” of intelligence. For me, it was the impact of the “new frontier” being about building human capacity if we are to thrive.

Every person I’ve spoken to has had an awakening – or re-awakening. 

Thank you, Ruby, for your energy and enthusiasm for the work, and for your willingness to be present with us and infuse the room and everyone in it with a broader understanding of Bridges in such an engaging and humorous way. It was The Glen’s gift to our community; everyone at The Glen felt they received the gift, too.

See you in two weeks!

Katherine Klain
Development Manager
The Glen at St. Joseph