In an interview with Akron Today Magazine, Gene Krebs and Phil DeVol remind us that politics is not the way we organize our hatreds. Instead, in their work with Bridges Out of Poverty communities, the pair “have seen people of all political persuasions working together on poverty issues.”

That all-in-together spirit is a driving force in Bridges Across Every Divide: Policy and Practices to Reduce Poverty and Build Communities, a book DeVol and Krebs published with aha! Process.

As partisan rhetoric reaches a fever pitch in this pre-election season, it’s vital we remember that fighting poverty and building sustainable communities are goals we can all believe in.

From the interview:

Creating bridges for Ohio residents to escape poverty

Bridges Out Of Poverty is an organization that is creating a common understanding of poverty and addressing people’s needs. We had a chance to interview two leaders with Bridges in Ohio, Eugene Krebs and Philip DeVol, authors of “Bridges Across Every Divide.”

What should ordinary people know about poverty?

In order to understand poverty, we feel that you need to read and understand the common language and various lens or ways of looking at our situations. (a)Bridges Out of Poverty gives people working in the institutions a new way to look at poverty and class issues. (b) Getting Ahead in a Just Gettin’-By World offers that same language to people in poverty. (c) Bridges to Sustainable Communities is for legislators, CEOs, Eds. This gives everyone a common language and understand of what to do about poverty. The latest book builds on 20 years of growth; it’s time to address poverty at the policy level. (d) Bridges Across Every Divide does that.