Ruby Payne discusses the genesis of A Framework for Understanding Poverty and much more in this interview on The Reading Circle with Marc Medley. Illustrating key points from Framework with funny and insightful stories, Ruby’s hour-long interview appears in the first half of the episode.

Marc Medley is the principal of a K–8 elementary school, and in the interview he discusses a Framework book study group he’s conducting with some of his teachers and staff. If you’re interested in conducting a similar book study, have a look at this free study guide from aha! Process.

“Don’t lose hope,” Ruby says in closing the interview. “The last ten years have been brutal…Never forget how much difference you make in the life of a child…And don’t ever forget that you teach two generations, not just one, because the kids you teach go on to teach it to their children.”

In addition to appearing online, Medley’s radio show airs Saturdays on 88.7 WPSC in northern New Jersey. Past episodes have featured poet Nikki Giovanni, WNBA star Rehema Stephens, and Judge Glenda Hackett from television’s Judge Hackett, among others.