Kim contacted us in July and was interested in translating Appendix E in the Learning Structures: Modules 8–13 workbook into Polish. She lives in Nebraska and travels to Poland a couple of times a year to work with social workers there.

What is Appendix E? It is the article by Ruby Payne, “Understanding Poverty and Working with Students and Adults from Poverty,” which is part one of four in the poverty series. Kim felt after she read the article that it was a great fit for the work she does in Poland. So, the article was translated, and she took it with her in August.

Kim worked with her group of 40 social workers in Gorzow, Poland for two days. Part of the discussion centered on the hidden rules. Kim said that the “clothing and entertainment hidden rules were a definite bull’s eye,” being basically the same in American and Polish culture. As social workers, the group also saw many similarities to the U.S., particularly in the area of addictions issues.

The hidden rules are very enlightening for many people. I’ve witnessed many “aha! moments” when people are introduced to the concept of hidden rules for the first time. I even had one of my own!

I love the food hidden rule; I don’t eat in a nice restaurant now without being reminded of the importance of the presentation versus the quantity of food. Hidden rules, once they’re made explicit, make so much sense, don’t they?

It has been enlightening for me to hear more about Kim’s work with International Messengers and her contacts in Poland. In our conversations it is very obvious that she is truly passionate about her work and service in Poland.

Let me know: What is your passion?

-Ruth Weirich, Vice President, aha! Process