Now this is great information. Kirsten, from Valrico, Florida, wrote last week to say what a difference the Ruby Payne seminar presented by Dr. Rita Pierson made in her life. What she said about the workshop was that it made a difference in her as a teacher and improving outcomes. So, I expected Kirsten to be a teacher with an exceptionally difficult classroom. No—she took the information presented by Dr. Pierson and uses it in her surgical technology classroom for adult students at the Vocational Institute in Tampa, Florida.

Kirsten shared, “The mind mapping [mental models] is the concept I found so creative. I have some strategies for this type of learning but need more. I started with the “gallon mind map” Dr. Pierson talked about. Many times I use catch phrases to do the same thing, but I think the mind maps are what the retention of information really rests upon. One example is when we learn the parts of the vertebral column. I teach it by saying, ‘Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We eat breakfast at 7:00, lunch at 12:00, and dinner at 5:00. We have seven cervical vertebrae, 12 thoracic, and five lumbar.’ She impacted me so much that I told her stories over the weekend to any family member or friend that would listen. The real-life stuff is what I like. Although my students are all adults, I could see many characteristics of poverty in my own students, whether past or present. I learned that education and relationships are ways a person from poverty can ‘escape.’ I am all about making my students successful! I have ten years of teaching experience and 18 years of operating room experience, and my school motto (and my own) is ‘Learning for Everyone, Whatever It Takes!’ I would love to have the job Dr. Pierson has—she is wonderful!”

Many people have adapted the work for their professions. Please take a moment to share with me today the way you’ve used the information in your own work. We know aha! Process concepts are applicable in many, many areas, but I would enjoy hearing about the ways in which you’ve adapted the information for your clientele.

-Ruth Weirich, VP- Marketing