In a recently published article, business consultant and former aha! Process president Ruth Weirich gives an overview of aha! Process’s half-day or one-day training for the business sector. Entry-level and low-wage employees often live in a “tyranny of the moment” created by daily instability, and this results in absenteeism, high turnover rates, and reduced productivity.

Weirich writes, “I have spoken with executives who say, ‘Look, I’m not a social service agency here. I’m a competitive business.’ Others say, ‘I’m not concerned with the retention of my entry-level employees; I can hire them all day long.’ What they don’t realize is that turnover costs from $3,500–$11,000 depending on the research you look at.”

Workplace Stability training supplement coverIn order to combat high turnover rates and other forms of business instability, Weirich introduces simple strategies to address employee needs like healthcare, childcare, and small dollar loans to mitigate crises. An accompanying training supplement makes it easy for participants to take highlights from the training home and provides space to take notes and generate new ideas.

When employers create more stability for employees, they reduce costs, increase profits, and help build communities where everyone can live well.


“Workplace Stability for Employee Retention and Performance” article by Ruth Weirich

Workplace Stability half-day or one-day training

Workplace Stability training supplement

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