Ignite your students’ desire to learn and make dropouts a thing of the past!

Motivating students is hard work, and there’s not much intuitive about it. All students have a desire to succeed, and once that desire is unlocked and re-ignited, achievement and growth becomes the norm, graduation rates go up, and dropouts become a thing of the past. Here are two hands-on workshops that offer evidence-based ways to motivate students — all the way to graduation.

Motivation: How to Motivate Students to Increase Performance gives educators a blueprint to create the perfect environment to find and sustain motivation, even in the most disinterested or defeated learners.


Engage and Graduate Your Secondary Students: Preventing Dropouts focuses on 7th grade through graduation and teaches educators how to engage students through mutual respect, building an appetite for learning and setting the stage for success.


Transform learning for all students with powerful professional development

Through constant and mindful professional development, educators can learn and apply the most effective research in their practices, reversing dropout trends, increasing engagement, and helping all students realize a brighter, more successful future. If you’d like to learn more about aha! Process’ extensive professional development offerings, fill out the form below.