The Boulder County Bridges Initiative in Colorado has a lot going for it: solid leadership and funding, an engaged community, and a professional support staff. They know how to manage a project and build a movement. Click here to view the tool they created to assess the progress of their Bridges work.

The Progress Assessment is based on the paper “Building Bridges Communities”. Think of it as a companion piece. Taking the nine steps for developing a Bridges Community and the key components of each step, planners can assess Steering Committee progress on a scale of: haven’t started, partially achieved, and achieved.

New and old Bridges Communities can use this assessment to:

  • Evaluate the Bridges Initiative as it is now
  • Refocus efforts
  • Identify missing components
  • Plan next steps
  • Celebrate progress

Bridges Communities are generating new approaches and tools all the time. Please share your ideas, knowledge, documents, instruments, models, and strategies with our community of practice by contacting me at

Thank you, Boulder County Bridges Initiative.