It is the holiday season, a time to enjoy blessings and to give blessings. As many of you know, aha! Process is engaged in social entrepreneurship—it is our goal to break the cycle of generational poverty by developing resources and providing training, information, and models to do that.

At aha! Process we give back in many ways. I give my employees paid time off from the afternoon of December 22 until January 2 every year. This does not count against their vacation time. We close the office. I think it is important to have time with family. We give interest-free workplace loans to employees who have a need, and they pay them back through paycheck deductions.

I asked our accountant to identify the ways we have given back in the last two years, 2016 and 2017. Here is the breakdown:

20162017 Charitable Amounts

West End Helping Hand, a nonprofit in Corpus Christi $38,000
Financial contributions $19,530
Free books $40,212
Complimentary workshops and trainings $478,700
Total $576,442

Personally, I tithe at least 10%. Last year it was 15%. I think it is very important to give back to God. I also give to several charitable causes.

This year my brother and I are working together on a project to help hurricane victims in Rockport, Texas, and a family in Houston. My brother owns a construction company in Ohio; he is giving his time and talent, and I am providing financial support. He will bring a team of seven who will help rebuild and repair homes. Early next year, another team will come and rebuild homes in the area as well.

Time, talent, treasure—we all have something to give. In the research, volunteering is one of the most significant activities a person can do to that brings joy, transitioning out of poverty, and satisfaction. Human beings are wired to belong, to help.

How do you give back? Send us a quick video, two minutes or shorter, about how you give back—to your students, your communities, your charities, your family. You can start your video this way: “One way I like to give back is…” We would love to hear from you!