Addressing the Challenges of Poverty 2019 Breakout Session Handouts

PDF listing of all the handouts:

Individual handouts:

1. Breaking the Chains of Generational Poverty – Cynthia Hadicke


2. Doing Good and Doing Well – Nathan Mandsager


3. Food Deserts and the Importance of Urban Farming: How a Youth Garden Is Changing the Face of Local Food – Nate Erickson


4. Money & ME: A Financial Literacy Education System – Sara Money


6. Population Health in the Delta – Sloane Kelley – Brookshield Laurent


7. Research Isn’t Boring If … It Helps More People Get Out of Poverty – Bonnie Bazata – Beth Wahler, Ph.D. – Heidi Gullett, M.D., M.P.H. – Jennifer Hedinger, M.Ed. – Phyllis Panzano, Ph.D. – Craig Gebers


8. Root Causes—Why Are We Waiting? – Adrienne Elder


9. Tactical Communication for School/Campus Police Officers – Gary Rudick


10. The Glen at St. Joseph’s Approach to Building Lasting Change with Two-Generation Families from Poverty – Elaine Lantz – Jenny Crain


11. Banking, Business, and Bridges: Best Practices for Best Places to Work – Beverly Widger – Prudence Pease


12. Bridges Across Every Divide in Action – Lisa Smith – Gene Krebs – Stephen MacDonald


13. From Advocacy to Action: Santa Rosa Bridges Collaborative Partnerships – Karen Barber – Jerilyn O’Brien


14. Guided Case Study: Poverty Within the Context of Returning Citizens – Josh Willenbrink – June Roman


15. ‘I’m Not Mad at You…My Job is To Save Your Life’ – Terie Dreussi-Smith


16. Moving Forward—Using Lessons Learned to Create Multileveled Supports for EVERY Child – Angie Brewer – Tonya Cox


17. Setting the Pace for College and Career Readiness – Kellie Thompson – Rendy Belcher


18. The Impact of Tactical Communication – Angel Tucker


20. What Is a College Achievement Alliance? – Bethanie Tucker, Ed.D.


21. Creating Environments for Transformative Influence – Mike Saccocio – Nathan Mandsager


23. All Hands On Deck—Building and Maintaining a Powerful P–3 Program – Tim Rogers – Katie Beiler – Rich Eby


24. Building Bridges in the Public Sector – One Step at a Time – Trinka Landry-Bourne – Eugenia Turner – Eleanor Dahm – Lynn Neuenswander


25. Developing Your Bridges Steering Committee into a Stable Organization – Lisa Smith – Brittany Ford


27. Getting Ahead: The Nuts, Bolts, and BS – Shenia McNac-Salimonu


28. Peerless Employee Care—Stabilizing a Rural Workforce and Reducing Turnover – Dave Elliott – Brennon Pryor – Karen Contreras – Mike Jackman – Cindy Davis


29. Integrating Bridges Out of Poverty Constructs into Programming – Josh Willenbrink – June Roman


30. JIVE—Justice Involved Vocational Education – Travis Sharpe – Randy Stubbs