Getting Ahead in the Workplace February 2017

Additional reading and activities may be assigned before and during this training. The work outside of the online training will take no more than 2 hours.

NEW! Getting Ahead in a Just-Gettin’-By World certified facilitator training is now the prerequisite for the Getting Ahead While Getting Out and Getting Ahead in the Workplace certified facilitator trainings. Click the “update” tab for more information.

Getting Ahead in the Workplace provides a community- and relationship-based approach to stable employment for low-wage, entry-level employees and people in employee development programs.

The goal is to engage employees, their families, and volunteers as problem solvers who work shoulder to shoulder to create communities where everyone can live well.

Getting Ahead in the Workplace certified facilitators help under-resourced individuals:

  • Stabilize and take charge of their lives
  • Self-assess their resources and make plans to build them
  • Develop mental models to investigate poverty’s impact on themselves and their community
  • Create new future stories and build resources for a better life and community

Additionally, certified facilitators will receive:

  • Overview of Getting Ahead in the Workplace PowerPoint slides
  • Personalized follow-up coaching
  • Preparation to facilitate Getting Ahead in the Workplace groups
  • Getting Ahead in the Workplace workbook

For potential on-line training dates, please visit our events listing page.  Prerequisite for this training is to have completed a Getting Ahead in a Just Gettin’ By World certified facilitator training.

These courses use VoIP technology and require a headset.  If you need a headset, we will provide you with a link after registration where you may purchase a set that we offer from our online store.

Please note that if you are registering within five business days of this event, you will be charged for expedited shipping of the training materials. Please contact Gail Gibson at or (281) 502-3006 to provide payment information for the expedited shipping.

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