Many thanks to the Getting Ahead sites who provided data for this report. We know it’s a lot of work that involves Getting Ahead investigators themselves and staff members who input the data into CharityTracker. Again, thank you!

When reading this report, think of how much effort Getting Ahead investigators put into moving these numbers in an average time span of only 192 days. We must honor their efforts.

When sharing this information with your organization and/or community, I suggest that you ask Getting Ahead graduates to talk about what it took to make the changes they made. Their stories will add meaning to these numbers.

A Getting Ahead facilitator once told me that while inputting the data with an investigator, it turned into a celebration! Taking a moment to measure progress can inspire us to continue. There is a phenomenon called the mere-measurement effect. The idea is that by measuring our own progress we reinforce our motivation to continue toward our goals. Think of the Fitbits that people use to measure our physical activity.

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