This workshop delivers key skills for effectiveness needed by the paraprofessional when working with students, teachers, and parents.

Training Prerequisites: none

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Paraprofessional training should share these key understandings and skills for working with students, teachers, and parents. Responsive strategies build a culture of excellence and trust in coordinating and delivering services to students.

Participants learn:

  • Effective interaction, communication, and teamwork
  • The paraprofessional’s role, responsibilities, and boundaries
  • Students’ exceptionalities, individualized educational plans, and confidentiality

Approaches to resources, registers of language, and hidden rules from A Framework for Understanding Poverty are interwoven into this training. This provides a vocabulary and structure to facilitate clear communication with colleagues, families, and community.

Tailored strategies provide students with resources that are essential to success. Deepen your insights by examining hidden rules in classroom, team, and campus cultures, and discover even more ways to help your students get ahead.