Will teaching ever be worth it?

Bad news first: Teachers, especially new teachers, are often undervalued, underequipped, and unprepared for the reality of high-poverty classrooms. The result is frustration, fear, and a loss of idealism and enthusiasm, fatal flaws for someone facing 30 fourth-graders and a besieged principal every day. Hopelessness can set in fast.

Before your teachers quit, realize this: Not only can they survive, they can experience the joy and satisfaction they expected when they first decided to teach. Besides, their students need them.

Length: Six hours, deliverable in one, three, or six sessions.

Training Prerequisites: none

Contact: (800) 424-9484 |

Teachers who participate in this training will:

  • Use calming strategies to help their students⁠—and themselves!
  • Better understand parents
  • Learn to work with administrators they may not like
  • Reduce discipline referrals
  • Thrive even under adverse working conditions

Based on bestselling author Ruby Payne’s book of the same name, this workshop shows teachers that Payne was once where they are now. Her insights and solutions are at once personal and professional, and they will help guide teachers to the knowledge, resources, and mindsets they need to create a future story of success and satisfaction.