Lisa Stoddard

I’m really proud to share a new book just published by aha! Process, Inc. called From Vision to Action: Best Practices to Reduce the Impact of Poverty in Communities, Education, Healthcare, and More. This is a collection of peer-reviewed articles submitted by practitioners utilizing the constructs from Ruby Payne and the work of aha! Process. I was so excited to be asked to contribute an article for review and am absolutely thrilled that it is the final one included in the book! The book is filled with articles about best practices and the impact across many sectors of communities. What an inspiration to see all of this great work happening in diverse communities across all areas of the country! At Community Action Partnership in Idaho, we will be studying the articles from the other authors to see how we might transport some of their high impact work to our neck of the woods, and I’ll be sharing the book with people in my network so that they might find pieces that will work for them. It’s vitally important that these innovative, creative approaches to reducing the impact of poverty are shared and replicated where possible as examples of community-based, solution-focused successes in addressing this issue.