Intersectionality, brain research, and parent engagement are the newest elements of Ruby Payne’s A Framework for Understanding poverty. In addition to conversation-changing strategies for understanding and empathizing with students from poverty, the new Framework digs deeper into intersecting factors like race, immigration, and healthcare.

Don’t miss your chance to hear Ruby Payne read her foundational work. Drawing on years of teaching, administrative, and consulting experience inside and outside schools, Payne walks you through interventions and best practices based on respecting students and building empathy for their challenges.

In this excerpt from the new edition, Payne lays out the foundations of her approach to working in education with students and parents from poverty.

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Students from poverty aren’t the only ones who have intersecting aspects of their identities. Middle-class and wealthy students also face issues related to health and healthcare, gender, race, and more. Framework offers insights and points of connection that can be used with students from all demographics. For more on enhancing the well-being of all the students in your classroom, check out Emotional Poverty in All Demographics: How to Reduce Anger, Anxiety, and Violence in the Classroom, available exclusively from aha! Process.