nfl photoLaVar Glover is the director of self-sufficiency for Community Action Partnership of the Greater Dayton Area in Ohio, and he is heading up Getting Ahead initiatives at that organization.

In an article from, Glover says of his work, “Becoming the director of self-sufficiency was a great fit for me. I genuinely care about helping others, I am a coach at heart, and I grew up in poverty.” Glover is featured in the article because he was named Daytonian of the Week.

Glover’s younger brother was his inspiration and motivation for getting involved in social causes. Helping his brother get his life on track was an aha! moment for Glover after his NFL career ended. Glover was drafted by the Steelers and played for the Bengals and the Lions during the course of his career, but when it was time to leave football, Dayton was his logical destination.

“I wanted to be around my family…I was familiar with the community. I had a community network…Dayton was good to me,” he said.

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