Emotional Poverty

How to Reduce Anger, Anxiety, and Avoidance in the Classroom

October 25, 2019

This event will be held at the Douglas A. Dillon Center, Rooms 703A & 703B.

Address emotional poverty and build emotional wealth in your students.

The workshop:

  • Provides understandings of origins of anger, anxiety, and avoidance
  • Gives a language to talk about brain regulation, integration, and emotional competence
  • Provides tools for educators to address and reduce anger, anxiety, and avoidance
  • Helps educators manage the “classroom dance” that occurs between the educator and the students
  • Provides the tools to motivate good behavior
  • Identifies the differences in male and female emotional processing

Participants will each receive a copy of the new book from Ruby Payne, Emotional Poverty. Ruby will be available to sign books during the day.

“It was one of the most riveting speeches I have ever heard you give, and it gave us a sense of reassurance we all desperately needed. People cannot wait to get your book on emotional poverty. The information you provide can and will save the lives of so many children.”

—Jimmy C. Stokes, Ed.D.

An extended lunch hour will be provided. Lunch will be “on your own.”

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Douglas A. Dillon Center

Rooms 703A & 703B

6032 US-90

Milton, FL 32570

8:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.



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