In this age of global terrorism and localized cyberbullying, many students respond to uncertainty with anxiety, self-harm, or avoidance behavior like addictions to video games and pornography. Offering strategies to build students’ emotional resources, Ruby Payne’s article “Keeping Students Safe from Harm,” which appeared in the October issue of AMLE Magazine, is now publicly available from aha! Process.

Promoting a sense of safety and belonging is more important than ever for the current generation, dubbed “Generation K” for The Hunger Games protagonist Katniss Everdeen. This generation’s perception of the world as dangerous, fraught with terrorist attacks and financial collapse, can be countered by connecting them more closely to peers in school and in the community—and to the global community via the Internet.

Drug and alcohol use is down among teens, but their incidence of self-harm is three times what it was ten years ago. If you work with children in schools or in another capacity, you can’t afford to miss the tools and suggestions offered in this article. Click here to read it now.