If you have a struggling reader and are looking for something with high educational impact but aren’t familiar with Tucker Signing Strategies for Reading, this is the time to take a look.  We’ve had many clients, both educators and parents, e-mail us to tell us about the success they’ve had with Tucker signs.  The following e-mail is extra special because is is about the very first child that Dr. Bethanie Tucker ever tutored using Tucker Signing Strategies.  The e-mail came to Bethanie from the child’s mother, who writes:

“I just had to contact you, Bethanie.  You remember my daughter?  She went to Sacred Heart School in Danville.  You saved her life!  I am so happy to report that she is now 17 years old, in the 11th grade, and has been a straight-A student for some years now.  Actually, her GPA stays around 4.03.  She is in honors English and her vocabulary is above average.  She writes extremely well.  She is above average in several subjects.  I cannot, cannot thank you enough for your help.  Our live turned around so much for the better after we had the honor of meeting you and your gift of teaching her.  We will never forget you!  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!  If you are ever in the neighborhood, please contact us!”

I asked Bethanie what inspired her to help this child and other struggling readers.  She said: “Many factors, including family members who were dyslexic or unable to receive an adequate public education, and struggling readers whom I taught in various educational settings, opened my eyes to the need for a strategy that matches individual needs.  Actually, I wish to thank the young lady whos mother sent the e-mail above.  Had she not responded positively to Tucker Signing Strategies, chances are I would not have continued my research.  When I’m in the neighborhood I’ll call and thank her in person!”

-Ruth Weirich