The following was posted recently on the Facebook page of Sunshine Communities, a support center for people with disabilities that provides its staff with Getting Ahead in the Workplace training:

It can’t be overstated: Sunshine’s staff change lives every day as they journey alongside men, women, and children seeking out purpose, beauty, and friendship.

Sometimes that means quiet moments; other times it’s the kind of raucous fun that leads to belly laughs and silliness.

We know it’s not always easy, especially when we are distracted by complications in our own lives—bills, family tensions, or even a broken-down vehicle. Sunshine is part of a network of providers building supports for direct support professionals (DSPs) and other staff just as DSPs do for people with disabilities. A part of this is the Getting Ahead in the Workplace class from aha! Process. It caught the attention of The Toledo Blade’s Hailey Fuchs, who wrote about Toni Hazen-Mansfield, a behavior tech at Sunshine. In leaving her past, Toni is now mapping out her future with the help of Getting Ahead lessons.

Congratulations Toni, and thank you, DSPs at Sunshine and elsewhere. We know your workdays provide meaning, love, and friendship—for you as well as us. Know that you’re appreciated beyond words.