The environment of daily instability creates pain for both the employees and your business. Really, does anyone want to spend time dealing with transportation? If your car has good tires, a half-tank of gas, and if the engine turns over on the first try, then you don’t spend time worrying about transportation.

However, what if your employees don’t have reliable transportation? What if they are taking two or three public transit buses to get to work? If the first bus isn’t on schedule, then most likely the employee will not make it to work on time. Have you given thought to public transportation schedules? Does public transport run on a schedule that allows your employees to clock in on time?

Take a few minutes to check this out. Companies that think outside the box are using taxi vouchers, ride-sharing apps like Uber and Lyft, bus and train vouchers, church buses, and they are paying employees to ride bicycles to work. These are all transportation alternatives that can help stabilize the workplace.

Some daycare centers are charging $1 per minute when a parent is late picking up a child. If you are a parent making $10 an hour, are you going to leave work to pick up your child at the time designated by the daycare center? Or will you stay late when the supervisor asks? A work environment that doesn’t take these employee decision-making choices into account creates absenteeism and tardiness, breaks workflow, and reduces productivity.

What can your business implement to ease the pain of transportation and childcare issues?