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Learn about one organization’s approach to economic mobility. Bucks County Opportunity Council helps families increase resources and blaze a path to financial stability through an individualized approach that includes education and employment. Hear how pandemic challenges were addressed to ensure equitable distribution of resources in this community. This year, Bucks County Opportunity Council celebrates its 25th annual Economic Self- Sufficiency graduation. The program works, and we want to share it with you.

Learning objectives include:

  • Understand that the value of self-sufficiency starts at the door of the nonprofit. Every program that helps stabilize families and address basic needs can lead to long-term stability.
  • Learn that flexible funding and community partnerships allow space and time for people to build their future stories.
  • Identify gaps in federal policy, and learn how to work with legislators and local officials to support this type of long-term intervention.

Erin Lukoss

chief executive officer

Bucks County Opportunity Council

Tammy Schoonover

Chief Program Officer

Bucks County Opportunity Council

—Doylestown, Pennsylvania