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Learn how integral the Bridges Out of Poverty, Getting Ahead, and Workplace Stability frameworks are in shaping day-to-day organizational leadership. For many, over time, our career goals include hopes for success in our particular industry. Whether you are a leader of leaders or aspire to have that kind of influence, the Bridges/Getting Ahead/Workplace Stability frameworks can have a powerful impact on the culture of the organizations you lead, the workforce you empower, the clients and customers you serve, and the products and services you provide.

Learning objectives include:

  • Identify how Bridges/Getting Ahead/Workplace Stability frameworks stay in view as a leader, and examine ways these will make you a more effective and accessible leader.
  • Identify ways you can implement and integrate Bridges/Getting Ahead/Workplace Stability frameworks into the organizational, departmental, and personnel landscapes in which you have responsibility; and identify the projected outcomes, key performance indicators, or metrics you will use to measure your organization’s effectiveness.
  • Identify how you will ensure that your leadership team understands and utilizes Bridges/Getting Ahead/Workplace Stability frameworks.

Nathan Mandsager

Chief Operating Officer

Pine Ridge Industries | Schenectady ARC

—Scotia, New York